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            Wow, is September already?  Then I must be studying the shift/reduce parser!
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  Finding and starting to read the (online) Grune/Jacobs book on grammar, language and parsing. Segueing into chemical equation parsing in anticipation of tomorrow's Webinar. Little bit more on grammars and parsing.  Parentheses.  Rough slogging through Grune Text. Order of operations and infix versus  postfix form. MIT Point class. Dynamic arrays with new and delete, as applied to the MIT Point class.
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Shape class and derived classes with inheritance, polymorphism, protected and virtual functions.   The vector template and vector functions such as push_back and pop_back. Template functions and classes.  A template class for Stack of doubles. A grievously detailed accounting of how singly linked lists are created using templates and pointers. Stack class inherits from List class, with privacy issues.  Templates and pointers galore. Queue class works like Stack class except for enqueue/dequeue. Tree class is are bit more intricate! Just one little exercise here: concatenating lists cat and dog for catdog!
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  The Rutgers data structure approach.  Partitioning integers. A new approach to recursion formula for integer addition partitions. A simple little recursive function for computing integer partitions. More struggling with partitions.   
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  Pseudocode for a next partition generator in antilexicographic order. A nifty implementation of the partition generator using multiplicities to multiply efficiency. Getting into STL...chapter 21 of Deitel. I'd rather be stuck in Memphis with the Mobile blues, but vector functions must be reckoned. More on using vector template library functions.  

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