Geoff Hagopian's Sabbatical Log
I invite readers to investigate my progressing sabbatical study
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  Back to OpenGL to start investigating how to build interaction with keyboard and mouse.          
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          Added gravity to Mondrian shape motion.

Back to OpenGL.

SELECT mode rendering with mouse hits in OpenGL--the rebugged version.
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  Work in progress here.  Starting to figure out how to draw directly to the canvas.   Got canvas drawing working.  Studying different algorithms for line drawing.      
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  Line algorithms conquered in pseudo-code and translated to C++. Finished the Bresenham line algortihm study: had a mistake in rounding the DDA algortihm. Thought of a rather hard problem that I'm stuck trying to solve...      
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    Finally, a bit more progress on the convex quadrilateral probability problem. Good gosh darn, this is intractably at the perimeter sufferability.  But incremental progress.      

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