Geoff Hagopian's Sabbatical Log
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  List functions and deque functions. Ho hum.  Associative containers.  Raw, unadorned boredome... Finally got vectors working for the partition program.  Lots of debuggery. Cleaned it up and added some commentary. Wearing the necklace.  Oh, it's a burden.

Burnside's lemma?!
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Back to parsing:

Get the parser to recognise a single digit.
Get the parser to separate operands and operators on separate stacks and then operate! Can now evaluate expressions like 1+3+5-7-1. Short note on a problem with lists. Notes on recursive descent, shunting yard and precedence climbing. Infix to postfix? Just a mess of notes. Abstract algebra behind necklaces.
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Development of notation an basic concepts for solving the necklace problem. Case 1: The number of beads are odd, is solved, with a proof by Jim Matthews. The Monte Carlo program for generating necklaces. More necklace case examples, verified by both Monte Carlo and Burnsides. Introducing Bernstein blobs. Using openGL to draw necklaces.  Combining the generate necklaces fctn with the draw circle function. The dreary business of sorting out WebEQ, MathML, etc is begun: also circle pixels!
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This time I'm editing xml in a text editor to describe cpp code for implementing circle midpoint pixel algorithm. Going back to simple MS-Word MathType generator--for Elipse Midpoint Algorithms. Implementing the ellipse midpoint algorithm. Rotated Conics and the discriminant. Fill algorithms. Anti-alisasing and the Pitteway - Watkinson algorithm. Geometric transformations: translation, rotation and scaling in 2D.
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Geometric Transformations in 3D, from inutitive to quaternion. Some code implementing the quaternion method of rotation with experiments.          

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