Geoff Hagopian's Sabbatical Log
I invite readers to investigate my progressing sabbatical study
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          Here's the Sabbatical Proposal. A mention of the math parser study broken off to take up OpenGL study.
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Windows.h vs. OpenGL Win32 console and setting header/library files in Visual C. Some color theory and a first OpenGL Win32 console compiled, linked into executable. Point and line primitives and more color.  Stippling.  That is glVertex2f() and GL_LINES. GL_POLYGONS, GL_TRIANGLES and QUADS, oh my! Also, stippling polygons with GLubytes.   Interpolating colors and tessellating polygons.  A nifty example of using recursion to nest tessellated triangles. More tessellating nested triangles with recursion, now using EdgeFlags.
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A detailed analysis of the recursively tessellated triangles with rotation and twisting.       It's very easy to get blown away by what seems like a nifty idea!  So here's what happened.. Saving the state and chapter 2 exercises from Angel's OpenGL Primer. A more classic Sierpinski gasket and a start on resizing the clipping box and viewport.
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  Mountains from randomly tessellated triangles, with room for improvement, but good progress. A more detailed description of yesterday's work. Fixed the problem with the backside filling in. Got real Mount San Jacinto data from USGS and used it to do some cross-sections.  Also axes and labels. Some animation with double buffering: a rotating n-gon. How to render in html? Just fussing with learning html such as forms.  Trying to work toward OpenGL style web delivery? More fussing with html: URLS, hyperlinks and downloads.  A flirt with JOGL and a turn towards Java.
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Getting back into writing Java applets with the help of The Black Art of Java Game Programming. A java animation from the BAJGP...and a java integrated development environment.
Finishing summer College Algebra.
Using a class to describe a moving object in java with a method for movement. More better motion with method binding and object oriented approach.
Try here.
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More control over shape, size and motion for Mondrian Applet. Back to OpenGL to start investigating how to build interaction with keyboard and mouse.          

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