Geoff Hagopian's Sabbatical Log
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    Windows openGL programming for mapping textures to surface of a cube. A GDI application from the Neon Helium tutorials site.      
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      We begin a sojourn into the land of spline.  Lots of nitty gritty derivation here. A continuation of 3D params of 11/9 and then on to JSTOR CMJ article, Simpson & bad example... Splines III, where we rediscover the joys of degrees of freedom and discover root of badness in too biggerness. Splines IV, NLib & MatLab. Using quad to measure total curvature and comparing 8th degree interpolant with spline.
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Splines V, how imposing 2nd order continuity condition leads to tridiagonal system.  Formulas for coefficients.  A TI89 example implementation. Splines VI,
A MatLab rendition of the TI89 example followed by MSJ Mountain data--nice!!
Splines VII, Dissecting the NLib/MatLab spline software and reconstructing c++ code. Splines VIII, a fairly thorough description of the c++ spline code I cobbled together-followed by more total curvature analysis. Splines IX, nailing down the Simpson connection with a symmetric 7-point set.  Both TI89 and MatLab are used. Spline X,
An example to motivate and illustrate the Hildebrand interpolative parameterization.
MatLab code.
Splines XI
A spline with irregular spacing.  Large sparse (but not tridiagonal matrix) system is solved in Matlab.
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Augmenting an irregular spline to show itís inconstant...and the derivation of the Hildebrand parameterization formulas. An example in MatLab illustrating a Hildebrand blob.  It's a closed curve! A more shapely blob and glob rendering using arcs of circles with MatLab. First entry on the chemical words 3X3 puzzle problem. Program to produce solutions to the chemical puzzle - that's an afternoon's work, for sure! Chemical words puzzle solutions. The first draft of the game I wrote based on the NPR puzzle discussed last several days.
Big constructor action.
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  Pixels and bitmaps. Bitmaps, OpenGL format, DIBs, CGLs, GDIs, HDACHEs.        

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