Math 40 – Intermediate Algebra   
Spring ‘09
Section 1735

Instructor: Geoff Hagopian
Office: Math 12
Phone: 776-7223

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A Cautionary Note to On-Line Intermediate Algebra Students:

This 16 week online course includes in-depth explorations of intermediate algebra topics such as manipulating and polynomial, rational and root expressions to solve equations.   

Most students placing into Intermediate Algebra would be better served by the course meeting regularly for in-person lecture and lab, since the dynamics of personal interactions in the classroom environment between the student and other students and the instructor are important to the learning process. This online course is especially meant to serve those students who would otherwise be unable to take the course in a classroom setting.
The lack of day-to-day in-person involvement makes the on-line version of Math 40 more challenging than the traditional Math 40 courses.  Overall, it will require more time commitment and more self-discipline.  For whatever reason, the history shows a greater percentage drop-out and failure rates for on-line Intermediate Algebra students as compared to their lecture/lab counterparts.  Therefore, if you are not both dedicated and disciplined then you will most likely fail this class.

Since this class is online, you will have the opportunity to work on assignments whenever you desire (prior to each assignment’s due date, of course). However, keep in mind that the same class taught in the traditional setting requires 6 hours of class participation per week. In addition, most college instructors suggest that students spend two hours on homework for each hour of in-class study. This means that the average online math student will need to study the ideas and practice the methods of 2nd year high-school algebra an equivalent of about 18 hours work for this course and much of this time you may need computer access. This averages to about 2.5 to 3 hours per day, seven days a week, or 3 – 4 hours 5 days a week.  Your study skills, attitude, aptitude, and motivation will determine the amount of time spent in learning and the quality of that learning.  Many students grossly underestimate the amount of time that this online Math 40 course requires and therefore either drop or fail the class.

Getting Started:

Students typically register and log into CourseCompass from the CourseCompass website,  To get started, you will need the CourseCompass ID for this course, which is hagopian03773, and the CourseCompass Student Access Kit that comes with the Sullivan textbook or can be purchased separately at the bookstore. Each CourseCompass Student Access Kit consists of a card with instructions for the enrollment process and a student access code. Each code can be used to enroll one student in one CourseCompass course.

On-Line Homework Requirements (15% of your Grade):

Assignments are due on Tuesdays and Fridays by 7:00 PM of each week.  If you have technical problems or math concept questions, then you can call the numbers listed below.  Although the homework is due at 7:00 PM, it will remain open until midnight of that same night.  If you have problems after 8:00 PM then there will be no support and you are on your own.  If you can't do the assignments on those days and by midnight then you can plan to work at least a day or two ahead of schedule so that you can work at your leisure--after all that is the advantage of taking online classes.  All on-line homework assignments and exams are available as soon as the course begins, so no extensions are permitted.  You may choose to work at your own pace as long as you work on assignments and exams before the due dates and times.  See the schedule for due dates of the assignments and exams.  If you choose to do assignments early and finish the course before the semester ends then your grade will be recorded with the rest of the grades at the end of the semester.
  • Product Support Staff   Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM and Sunday 5:00 PM to 12:00 AM toll-free at 1-800-677-6337
  • Prentice Hall Tutoring   Center Sunday- Thursday 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM toll-free at 1-800-877-3016 (You'll need your Access Code)

There will be about 29 homework submission deadlines: about two each week. Assignments are given through the Course Compass software that accompanies your text and requires timely on-line submission.  You will be able to access lectures, complete assignments, and interact with me, tutors and other students via your computer at home or any location with internet access, including the Math/Science Study Center (Math Building, Room 4) using your student access code.

Off-Line Homework Requirements (10% of your Grade):

There will be weekly off-line assignments which you’ll access through the “Off-Line Homework” button underneath the “On-Line Homework” button on the left hand side of your CourseCompass menu screen.   Stay tuned (watch announcements via the Announcement button in CourseCompass) for developments in this area.

Exam Requirements (70% of your Grade):

Required exams are proctored on-campus, at the Math/Science Study Center, Math Building Room 4.This room is open M-Th: 8-7, F: 8-12noon.  There will be 7 regular exams (about 1 every 2 or 3 weeks) plus a comprehensive final exam.   See the course schedule on the syllabus page.

The Math/Science Study Center in Room Math 4:

If you want to take advantage of the excellent math tutoring services then you need to sign up for Math 97 or Math 98. You'll find these courses listed in the College of the Desert Class Schedule
The lab hours for Spring 2009 are currently scheduled for:
8am – 7pm MW, 8:30am-7pm TTH, and 8am-3pm F.
In rare cases, the distance from the College of the Desert campus prohibits a student from taking the proctored exams on the COD campus. If this is true for you, then email me prior to enrollment to discuss possible alternative proctoring arrangements.

Participation Requirement (3% of your Grade): 

The participation requirement is met by completing certain tasks in CourseCompass and by writing short responses to questions given in the Discussion Board. These assignments will be given on the announcements page of CourseCompass.

Study Plan Requirement (2% of your Grade):

You can fulfill the study plan requirement by clicking on the "Study Plan" button within CourseCompass and keeping track of your weaknesses and reviewing before moving on.  The Study Plan uses exam and homework scores to determine what you haven't learned yet.  As you work through the Study Plan your grade is automatically recorded.

Course Summary:



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