Physics 5—Scientific  Computing

Instructor: Geoff Hagopian,
office: Math 12
phone: 776-7223
Meetings: TR: 9:30-12:00



References and Resources

This web page is a repository for links to web sites and what not to help you learn how to program in C++.

DEVCPP is a free C++ compiler and integrated development environment (IDE) available for download at This IDE/compiler is fairly simple to install and use, which is why I recommend it. If you'd like to look at a more robust list of options

Matt Mahoney at the Department of Computer Science at the Florida Institute of Technology teaches courses called Introduction to Software Development with C++ and Programming in a Second Language (C++) which contain some overlap with this course. You may be interested in his guides, such as: Introduction to C++ or How to Program in C++. There contains some suggested compilers, any of which you can examine for yourself, but I suggest you try the compiler and integrated development environment whose links are given above.

C++ Programming Tutorial

Dream in Code.

Whole Tomato.

CGI openGL overview

Dev-C++ OpenGL

These are the magic linker options required to compile OpenGL code with Dev-C++ IDE.

Choose “Project” then “Project Options” and click on the “Parameters” tab. In the linker box type in this order:

-lglut32  -lglu32  -lopengl32  -lglaux  -lgdi32  -lwinmm

The Deitel text book examples are available for download at

Information About How to Incorporate Graphics


Tutorials and Guides

UML tools and documents : free and full featured, but quite a bit of learning curve! : almost $200 for this one, but there's a fee 30-day demo.