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Math 40 – Intermediate Algebra  
Fall ‘17

Section 3314
Rm Soc12 on M/W and Math 3 on T/R

Instructor: Geoff Hagopian
Office: Math 12
Phone: 776-7223
email: ghagopian@collegeofthedesert.edu
Website: http://geofhagopian.net

Office Hours: MTWR: 9:30-10:40

Course Description

This course focuses on solving problems using linear, quadratic and exponential models with an introduction to the concept of a function.  Topics include solving and graphing solutions to polynomial and exponential equations, systems of linear equations, and equations involving rational exponents.  We also will study quadratic equations and inequalities in detail and have an introduction to logarithms.

Required Materials:

1.     Intermediate Algebra, a Modeling Approach  by Katherine Yoshiwara,
published by
XYZ Textbooks, either the paperback or ebook version,
ISBN: 978-1-936368-34-1. Here is a hyperlink: http://www.xyztextbooks.com/catalog/product/intermediate_algebra_modeling_approach
Here is a nice "getting started" guide:

2.   A scientific calculator is required for chapters 6 and 7. You will need the ability to compute logarithms, so look for a “log” and “lnkey.


On-Line Assessment for Lab and Homework:

We will use the xyzhomework system.  To get started, you will need the xyzhomework ID for this course:

.  Go to http://www.xyzhomework.com/imathas/help.php?section=usingimas#registering       

and follow the instructions for registering, logging in and enrolling in this course.  

In-Class Quizzes:

There will be regular in-class quizzes on the material we’re studying.

Chapter Tests:

There will be 7 chapter tests (about 1 every 2 or 3 weeks -  see the schedule) plus a comprehensive final exam.

The Math/Science Study Center in Room Math 4 and the ASC:

There are excellent tutoring services available in the Math and Science Study Center (Math 4) and in the Academic Skills Center, both of which are conveniently located in the immediate vicinity of our classrooms.

Attendance Requirement: 

If you’re not there, you missed it.  

Course Summary:


 Weighted %

Homework Assignments


Chapter Tests


Final Exam


In-class quizzes




  Students completing this course are generally understood to be able to
1. Demonstrate number sense, which is characterized by the ability to judge relative sizes of numbers, perform computations with numbers in different representations, represent sets of numbers using diagrams, and assess the reasonableness of results.
2. Generalize arithmetic operations by using the concept of variable to include change and patterns.
3. Use the information obtained in application problems to estimate a reasonable solution, identify and execute methods of a solution that involve algebraic computations, and evaluate the reasonableness of results.
4. Apply algebraic principles and deductive reasoning to solve equations and inequalities.
5. Describe functional relationships numerically, symbolically, verbally, and graphically. Not necessarily in that order.