Calculus 1B, Fall '11animidpt

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Class Time: Monday and Wednesday: 5:15 - 7:45 in SOC12
Instructor: Geoff Hagopian
Instructor's Office
: Math 12
: (760) 776-7223.
Office Hours: MTWR: 9:15-10:30

COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course studies the meanings, algebraic/numerical computations and applications associated with differential and integral functions.

TEXTBOOK: Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 6e, by James Stewart.  Emphasis in this text is on understanding the definitions and theorems fundamental to calculus, as well as mastering routine computations.  It is critical that you read the text, make good notes, keep up with the assigned problems and prepare questions about what you're learning for participation in class. We may not cover every problem type or every problems-solving approach during class, but you will be responsible for everything in the assigned reading and problems from the text.

EXAMS: There will be five chapter tests (see the calendar page) and a cumulative final exam. The point of the exams is to provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered.  The in-class tests are timed so you need to really understand the ideas before you start the exam and then be relaxed and confident enough in your work to be able to show what you know. If you are well prepared, you will have enough time for the exams.

HOMEWORK: Problem solving in small groups or by yourself is essential practice for success in this course. If you complete (and understand) the homework assignment for each section, you can expect to be well prepared for quizzes and exams. To help you with that we have an on-line homework system, WebAssign, which gives you instant feedback when you answer a question. Many students find this a very effective learning tool. WebAssign homework will be assigned and you can get class credit for completing those assignments. To get started with WebAssign, go to and click the "I have a class key" button. On the next page enter institution code and class code 2578 3907.

Bring your questions from the homework for discussion at the beginning of each class, when we will work through as many questions over the previous night's homework as time allows.

GRADE:  Your grade in this class will be a weighted average of your final exam, chapter test, homework scores.