Discrete Structures - Spring, 2017

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References—Spring 2017


Papadimitriou's New Idea and Its Relation to Complexity of Games

Venn Diagrams, Operations with Sets, Online Quiz and browse other digital classroom resources.

Multimedia Logic is a open source FreeWare tool for experimenting with logic circuits.

An Introduction to Digital Logic - Signals and Gates is a nifty site for experimenting with logic circuits at Bucknell University.

Mastermind analysis at cuttheknot via the MAA.

Search Wolfram Alpha for "logic circuits" or "cellular automata."

What is lambda Calculus? UTexas knows a bit about it. How is Lambda related to Scheme? Even Australians study Lambda. NYU has a Lambda tutorial. UK guy has nice intro to Lambda. UPenn has great Lambda resources too.

Screaching chalk talk.