Computer Science I - Fall 2019

CS7A Resources—Fall 2019

Set up Visual Studio 2019 with the Desktop Development with C++ workload

"Hello World" in VS2019

Textbook support. 

A bad pdf of the Schaum's anciliary text is available. Buy the hardcopy too. You can get the source code for that book here. is a pretty nice free on-line reference, as is



Derek Banas: All of C++ in one video


The rest of these links are things I've referenced in the past, but haven't vouched for recently:

Matt Mahoney at the Department of Computer Science at the Florida Institute of Technology teaches courses called Introduction to Software Development with C++ and Programming in a Second Language (C++) which contain some overlap with this course. You may be interested in his guides, such as: Introduction to C++ or How to Program in C++. There contains some suggested compilers, any of which you can examine for yourself, but I suggest you try the compiler and integrated development environment whose links are given above.

C++ Programming Tutorial

Dream in Code.

Whole Tomato.

CGI openGL overview


The Deitel text book examples are available for download at

Information About How to Incorporate Graphics


Tutorials and Guides

UML tools and documents : free and full featured, but quite a bit of learning curve! : almost $200 for this one, but there's a fee 30-day demo.